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Disney's Dream of

the Perfect School


Disney's Dream

of the Perfect School

Walt Disney dreamed of creating a prototype community of the future.                   EPCOTwas the first attempt into this arena.

The second was the creation of a dream town built around a dream school.                 In the 90's The WDW Company decided to build Celebration, FL with the heart of the town being the school.                     The school was designed by some of the greatest educational experts of the era.               The experts designed                                     the school with a mix of Best Practces and the Disney Magic of                                personalization,                                        standards of excellence, creativity, and customer service. Unfortunately, their efforts     were ahead of their                                             time and were met with great resistance. Yet, we   can learn from their                         endeavors, attempts                                          and even their failures. Therefore take a look at     Disney's Dream                                                                                               through      the lens of the CCSSO's      

        six critical                                                                                             attributes     of innovation!                                  

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